Pathways Christian Support Center

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Welcome to Pathways

We are an online Christian community that teaches the Word of God and offers hope, guidance and help finding resources in your area.  At Pathways we are dedicated to helping you overcome your obstacles.  We understand that everyone faces hardship, feels alone at times and life is just plain hard.  We are here to walk with you, talk to you and be there for you. 

Pathways is led by the Reverend Barbara Cotugno and is open to everyone, no matter their faith or lack there of.  All are welcome.  The center is a Christian organization, but we will never force our beliefs on you.  There are Bible study articles as well as articles on general topics for your use and study.  If you would like to speak to or email with Reverend Barbara, please use the contact page.    

It is through open hearts and open minds that each of us becomes empowered and blossoms into who we are truly meant to be.  

Please read the disclaimer below:


*Pathways Christian Support Center is a division of Pathways Faith Based Counseling Services.  However this site is not intended to treat or diagnose anything.  It is only to provide support, Bible study and articles that are the opinion of the author.  Reverend Barbara is not a medical professional or Mental Health Counselor.