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When Dreams Take A While To Be Fulfilled

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 2:45 PM

We all have dreams.  Some big, some small.  Sometimes we work very hard to make them a reality.  We plan, we build, we work and we pray about it but sometimes they just don't seem to work out.  Why is that?  Did we do something wrong?  Were our plans not good enough?  Maybe we dreamed too big? 

I don't believe we ever dream too big.  What's too big for one is just right for another.  Dreams or goals are part of what makes us who we are and keeps our world growing and evolving into something better.  God gave us great minds and bodies to make our dreams a reality.  We just need to keep working on them and stay in faith.  Believe me I understand the frustration of working on a dream and feeling like it failed or it will never be a reality.  I also have a personality that gives up easily.  Not a good trait, I know.  I am working on it but it is a struggle for me.  I also have to keep a few things in mind as I try to stay in faith and stay strong.  Here they are, I hope they help you to work toward your dreams / goals.

  • Everything happens in God's time, not ours.  We may feel like something should be happening right now but God has a different plan. Remember, he sees the whole picture and our furture.  We only see today and what we THINK will happen.  Be patient, keep praying and keep working.  
  • When you pray, listen for God's voice, his response.  Follow where he guides you.  Maybe he has a little different plan and wants to make a few changes to improve what you have planned.  I heard good advice while listening to David Jeremiah.  He said we all have our list of things we have to do but to hand it over to God everyday and let him organize it and add his will to it.  Since I've been doing that I feel a lot less stressed and things are going along well.  
  • Have patience!!!  If your dream is Biblically correct and you stay in faith you will probably achieve it.  However, if it does not happen for you know that God has a better plan for you and another door will open.  When I think back over times that I wanted something so bad but it didn't happen it turned out for the better.  What came along was so much better for me.  The same is true when I forced something to happen.  I was stubborn and kept pushing my way and it always turned into a failure or painful situation.  Remember, when one door closes another opens.  If something doesn't work out it's probably for the better.  Learn from the experience and see what good came out of it.  Recently I handed my dream over to God.  I thought I was failing at my dream but God has made it even better and placed me in the perfect spot to do his work.  He will for you too!  So keep dreaming and keep praying.  Stay in faith and know that God is working in your life.  

May the peace of God be with you always,

Reverend Barbara

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