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Spring Renewal

Posted on March 31, 2017 at 3:05 PM

     As I look out my window today it doesn't look like Spring has started here in New York.  A few days before Spring started we got to enjoy a blizzard and today it's raining and snowing.  However, when I look at the bushes in my yard I can see life coming back to them.  The green tips of their branches and the beautiful day we had yesterday give me hope that nice weather and renewal is around the corner.  

    Spring is a wonderful time for us to take a look at ourselves and begin renewal in our lives too.  We all have areas that need examination and a little refreshing.  Let's work together this year and pull our "weeds", walk with each other and by the Grace of God grow together.  I will be posting an article per week to help us with this renewal.  Each month will focus on a different topic.  

    The month of April we will begin work on anger and resentment.  Both of these eat away at our hearts and destroy our relationships.  It is a natural human emotion for us to become angry.  The devil will try to launch his attacks in this area to separate us from God and the support of others.   When we harbor those feelings and allow them to fester and grow they become dangerous to us, our relationships and our relationship with the Lord.  We must learn to process our anger and release it in healthy ways and stay in faith.    

     I look forward to teaching on this topic in April and I hope that this "weed" can be pulled from your heart if it is a problem for you.


     May the Grace of God be with you always,


     Reverend Barbara





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